BSM Developers is expanding its portfolio with the introduction of New Metro City in Lahore. This new venture follows the trail of successful undertakings by the developer in prominent Pakistani cities, marking another milestone in their development projects.

The newly launched Metro City in Gujar Khan represents the latest endeavor by its renowned developers, marking yet another achievement in the country’s property market.

BSM Developers are renowned for their high-quality housing projects, with Gwadar Golf City being a prime example of their excellence in real estate development. Also, the professionals at this firm are committed to creating top-tier developments. Their latest venture in Lahore represents a significant opportunity for investors and purchasers seeking to invest in reputable and genuine housing societies.

Owners & Developers

Developer Bilal Steel Mills (BSM) is the principal owner and developer of the facility. In addition, Bilal Bashir Malik is the CEO of BSM Developers. Coming from a prestigious family, Bilal is the grandson of real estate magnate Malik Riaz, marking the Malik family’s continued significance in Pakistan’s property development scene.

Other projects of the developer include:

  • New Metro City Gujar Khan
  • New Metro City Kharian Sarai Alamgir
  • New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin
  • Gwadar Golf City

NOC approval for New Metro City Lahore is currently under review. PHATA is expected to approve this project soon. The legal status of this development has not yet been confirmed. However, developers have an excellent track record of obtaining prior NOC approval.

Payment Plan of New Metro City Lahore

The payment plan for New Metro City Lahore has not been announced yet. However, keep in mind that the payment plans are very comprehensive. There are several ideal options for your project to choose from.

Residential plot payment plans are likely to be announced before commercial plot payment plans. Most buyers invest in residential plots in housing societies as the demand is always high due to rapid urbanization in Pakistan.

Affordability of New Metro City: Advanced Features

New Metro City stands out by offering cost-effective plans that outshine the offerings of other residential projects. The core objective of this initiative is to provide top-tier amenities and services at prices that are both accessible and budget-friendly.

As we have seen previously, relocation projects in many cities are competitively priced compared to other projects in the region. The city of Lahore will soon receive this new development and people will have an opportunity of a lifetime.

How To Book A Plot?

Securing a property in this community can be accomplished with minimal paperwork. Moreover, the fundamental paperwork required for securing a plot includes:

  • CNIC Copy
  • NICOP Copy (if applied)
  • 2 Passport-sized Photos
  • CNIC Copy of ‘Next to Kin’
  • Booking & Processing Fee Payment Receipt

If you would like to book your plot as soon as possible, you should contact Red Marketing for information on the start date of this project.

Location of New Metro City Lahore

The location of New Metro City Lahore has been decided by the developer. Developers have not yet announced the location to the public. However, the location of this development will be at a premium based on the location of previous projects.

Location of New Metro City Lahore

New Metro City will redefine Lahore’s landscape.

Situated at a prime location within the city, New Metro City Lahore stands out for its potential for state-of-the-art infrastructure. Moreover,  the track record of BSM Developers with their past ventures is a strong indicator of the profound influence this new project is poised to have on the urban landscape.

This housing society location offers residents of Lahore ease of movement, both inside the city and to destinations beyond its limits.

Master Plan of New Metro City Lahore

BSM Developers’ expert team is in the process of perfecting the comprehensive master plan for New Metro City Lahore. However, their dedication to detail is evident in the meticulous planning of all their ventures.

For example, the team’s previous master plan included commercial and residential zones with areas designated for premium development.

The detailed plan of this housing plan is as follows.

  • State-of-art Mosque
  • High Standard Schools
  • High-class Theme Park
  • Unique category block
  • Commercial plots on each block
  • Residential plots in each block
  • Residential plots of various sizes: from 3 Marla to 1 Kanal.
  • Designated commercial areas: high-rise buildings, apartment complexes
  • Designated areas for shopping centers and malls

Act now to capitalize on this unparalleled investment opportunity. Moreover, prioritizing this innovative residential project is a smart move for any real estate investor or purchaser looking to expand their portfolio.

Amenities of New Metro City Lahore

New Metro City Lahore will not shine. It will shine in the landscape of Lahore. Thus, amenities and features can make or break your home plans. Moreover, the availability of facilities ensures that the prospective buyer’s future will be safe and secure.

Also, the attractive features offered by New Metro City align closely with the top-tier projects found in Lahore, mirroring the high-quality amenities available in Lahore Smart City as well.

Some of the best amenities planned for the Lahore project are:

  • Gated Community
  • Mosques
  • Theme Park
  • Educational Zone
  • Commercial Zone
  • Shopping Centers

Gated Community

An essential feature of this facility is its secure and gated community. There is a dire need for gated communities in Pakistan due to a lack of security in open areas. More and more people are moving to such places for the safety of their families. Therefore, this housing scheme will be a game-changer for Lahoris.


The New Metro City Lahore will have not just one but several mosques to serve the residents of each block. Numerous mosques mean ample space for everyone to offer congregational prayers.

Theme Park

The theme park will be a significant development on the site of this housing society with the aim of attracting tourists and visitors. In addition, this theme park will design by professional architects and engineers.

Educational Zone

BSM developers incorporate designated institute sections into every zone they undertake.  However, these sections are plans to include numerous institutions focused on meeting the educational requirements of community members.

Commercial Zone

The commercial district will feature high-rise buildings for offices and apartment complexes. Moreover, this area will be the backbone of New Metro City Lahore. Land prices in this commercial area have the potential to skyrocket.

Shopping Centers

A retail Mall becomes an essential amenity for the inhabitants, eliminating the need for them to venture outside for their shopping needs. This complex will feature a variety of global retail outlets. Additionally, customers will have access to both upscale dining establishments and quick-service eateries.

Perfect Mixed-Use Development

Mixed-use developments include both residential and commercial plots, providing multiple amenities at once. The facility is also a mixed-use development with the potential to generate a significant amount of economic activity within the site.

In short, there is a growing demand for these developments in Pakistan, resulting in significant long-term ROI.


Metro New City Lahore represents an ideal option for those in search of luxury living facilities in Lahore, although bookings are not open at the moment. Stay tuned for upcoming news about this development. For individuals seeking high-end residential options outside of Lahore, Capital Smart City is another excellent choice, set to become one of the premier residential projects nationwide. Making a timely and informed investment decision is crucial.

FAQs About New Metro City Lahore

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this society.

What is the location of New Metro City Lahore?

New Metro City Lahore is located just 3 km along Sharaqpur Road near Burj Atari across the Ravi River via the Niazi Express from Babu Sabu to the Lahore-Islamabad toll plaza.

What plot sizes are available in New Metro City Lahore?

New Metro City Lahore meets a diverse range of lifestyle needs by offering a variety of residential choices. In addition, the available plot sizes range from 3.5 marla to 1 kanal, accommodating a variety of preferences and requirements.

What is the payment plan for New Metro City Lahore?

The payment plan, designed for three years, caters to a diverse range of buyers and offers investors the flexible payment option of monthly or quarterly installments.

What amenities are available at New Metro City Lahore?

They offer an array of amenities for the enjoyment of community residents, such as gated access, advanced security, playgrounds, high-class theme parks, and many recreational activities.

Has RUDA given New Metro City Lahore its approval?

Yes, New Metro City Lahore has obtained approval from the Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) and complies with all legal and regulatory requirements.

What is the booking process for Metro City Lahore?

Currently, there are no booking details, but we will share the booking process with you as soon as they announce it.

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