Power Supply in Sector R announced by DHA Multan | Latest Update 2022  

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13/01/2022 1:11 am  

On 10th, January, the DHA Multan management said in a post shared via a social media page that electricity would be provided to Sector R. An uninterrupted supply of electricity will improve the living standards of the respected residents of DHA Multan.

Read: As part of the New Year's celebration, DHA Multan opened a food court

The DHA Multan administration celebrated the new year by opening the DHA Multan food court. This food court has many attractive features such as a restaurant, a variety of eateries, family huts, an elegant dancing fountain, etc.

In addition, 2022 has been regarded by the relevant authorities of DHA Multan as ' Joy of living in the contemporary lifestyle with modern development & Investment Opportunities'. Authorities are also working with great effort to improve the living standards of the people of Multan and make DHA Multan the heart of South Punjab.

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