Mega Incentive For Villas Member By DHA Multan Management  

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26/12/2020 5:24 pm  

On 21st December 2020, In pursuit of facilitating the customers, DHA Multan is pleased to announce the following mega incentive for Member of DHA Villas:

1) Rescheduling of 15% charges due at the time of Possession
15% of the total villa cost payable at the time of Possession have now been rescheduled as follows to provide relief to members.
a. 5% - At the time of Possession
b. 5% - 30 June 2021 along with 9th installment
c. 5% - 31 March 2022 along with the last installment

2) Waiver of additional charges for villas facing the park or 60 feet road
10% additional charges payable for villas facing park or 60 feet road have been waived off completely.

3) Reduction of 10% corner villas Charges to 3 %
Another relief measure has been taken for the members whereby 10% additional charges for corner villas have been reduced to 3%.

DHA Multan is continually committed to offering the best possible service to all its distinguished members.

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