DHA Multan Recently Open Transfer Office in Islamabad  

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24/02/2021 11:09 pm  

According to the official Facebook page of DHA Multan, management recently opened a transfer office in Islamabad. The location address is Building 55, Sector E, Commercial District, Jinnah Boulevard, Phase 2 (DHA Islamabad).

Following the information released, the administration has organized a splendid opening of the DHA Multan sub-office in Islamabad at the Jakaranda Family Club in DHA Islamabad. The event was broadcast live on DHA Multan's official Facebook page.

At the event, DHA Multan announced that it had decided to extend the period to implement the adjustment schedule. The application date for sectors W1 and W2 sectors Plot adjustment in sectors X&Y has been extended until March 15, 2021, according to DHAM's Facebook page.

The social administration announced this plan last month in line with a commitment to revive the investments of esteemed members in the W1 and W2 sectors. Reported plans to keep separate ballots for groups of feature/non-feature.

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