DHA Lahore Phase 5 House For Sale  

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DHA Phase 5 is one of the most decorated phase of DHA. Because it is designed to give residents a luxurious lifestyle. It also provides all the essential amenities for a good lifestyle. It is easily accessible from anywhere in the city, which makes it even more attractive as it is accessible from anywhere in Lahore city in minutes. It consists on various sectors named sector A, sector B, sector C, sector D ... sector H, sector J, sector K, sector L and sector M.


Phase 5 ensures an attractive, ideal, safe and modern lifestyle that will appeal to the public and be a part of it. Like the other Phases of the DHA, Phase 5 offers all living amenities. It has captivating  resources including parks and landscaping for all areas. It features smooth roads, decorated street lights and all the necessities. The commercial area meets the desired and needs of residents and serves all national and international brands. Also know for its good schools Like (Lahore Grammar School and Becon House School) etc.

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