Capital Smart City Overseas Central Block Balloting Announcement  

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16/02/2022 5:31 pm  

Capital Smart City officials have finally announced the most awaited balloting date for the overseas central block. The balloting process is due to restrictions on the receipt of confirmation.

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Capital Smart City's Overseas Block is a remarkable addition to the housing society. This overseas block of Capital Smart City was officially announced in the last year of February 2018. This top-notch block of the society is impressively planned with all the unmatched and modern facilities in a peaceful location that attracts foreign investors.

As per the news report, Future Development Holding Pvt. Ltd issued a letter on 12 February 2022 in accordance with Ref.No: FDHL/M&S/08/22/043. In an official letter, the Capital Smart City owner thanked the investor and sales members for showing patience in the balloting process. The balloting date will be extended by one more month because the approval receipt will not be available for one month. As per the latest news the balloting for the Capital Smart City overseas block is expected on March 12, 2022.

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