Difference B/w A Affidavit & Allocation Files 2023

  • by admin
  • March 4, 2023
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There are basically two types of files available in the market affidavit file and allocation file. If you’re looking to buy or trade DHA files, it’s important to educate yourself about the difference between a affidavit file and allocation file . Before knowing the difference between an affidavit and an allocation file, you must first understand what is a file.

Affidavit files can be transferred between seller and buyer without the need to appear at a DHA office. The seller fills out the buyer details on a stamp paper, attaches two photos of the buyer and requests the DHA to transfer the allotted land in favor of the buyer.

Affidavit transfer fees are significantly less than Allocation. In addition, no advance tax, CVT or stamp duty will be charged to the buyer.

In the case of an allocation, a transfer fee for the plots is slightly more than the transfer fee for the Affidavit file. All tax formalities including advance tax , CVT and stamp duty must also be fulfilled.

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