Nikki Beach Resort & Spa by Aldar Properties

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    Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Details

    Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, a rich development with lavish hotel rooms and villas, is an exciting new venture introduced by Aldar Properties in the attractive coastal view of Mina Al Arab. Aldar Properties and the well-known Nikki brand have launched an appealing collaboration that aims to establish an exceptional living environment in the peaceful neighborhood of Mina Al Arab.

    Nestled between the majestic Hajar Mountains and the sparkling Arabian Gulf, the hotel offers breathtaking views of the Gulf and is a popular destination on Ras Al Khaimah’s north coast. The environment is perfect for the break because it provides a backdrop from the bustle of the city, so residents and guests can enjoy the calmness of an island while entertaining top-notch service.

    The development is the perfect example of a luxurious lifestyle, thoughtfully planned to cater to residents’ and guests’ discriminating tastes. However, As you step inside this top-notch community, you’ll feel the celebration, ease, and sophistication of the place — a location where you can make priceless memories with your loved ones and where each day feels unique.

    Top-notch Development

    This development stands out for the way its architecture and design blend in perfectly with Mina al Arab’s natural surroundings. Gensler is the designer of the resort’s plan, which goes beyond simple luxury. It welcome environmental consistency and sustainability. To highlight the extraordinary beauty of the area, this involves working with local artists and using natural materials and products from the region. The resort will also contain modern sustainable technologies to minimize its environmental impact and ensure harmonious coexistence with nature.

    With an ample range of amenities and facilities for both guests and residents, this development provides endless luxury. The 155 hotel rooms and villas are a limited collection that features luxury with beach access, bird’s-eye views, and a serene environment. In addition, the resort features cutting-edge restaurant concepts, Tone Gym, and the well-known Nikki Spa. Renowned for our lively, opulent beach club experience, it aims to provide a comfortable, barefoot luxury environment.

    Gensler, a multinational firm known for crafting genuine and unforgettable experiences, will skillfully design the architecture. The hospitality portfolio from Aldar Properties, in collaboration with a prominent lifestyle resort brand, is now in its third edition. The resort, operated and managed by Nikki Beach, offers guests a seamless and remarkable experience while allowing them to enjoy innovative dining, shopping, and entertainment facilities.

    Key point

    • It offers a limited range of 155 hotel rooms and high-end villas.
    • Situated in Mina Al Arab, it provides peace, access to the beach, and serene views.
    • The resort will have the renowned Tone Gym, Nikki Spa, and exceptional restaurant options.
    • It is well-known for providing a lively, luxury beach club experience; it promotes a barefoot luxury environment.
    • Masterfully designed and architecture by Gensler, a multinational company known for producing genuine and unique experiences.
    • However, the third edition of Aldar Properties’ hospitality portfolio, which features prominent lifestyle resort brands, is represented by this development.
    • Thus, Nikki Beach operates and manages the resort to guarantee a smooth and remarkable guest experience.
    • Luxurious dining, shopping, and recreational activities are available to guests.

    Master plan of Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

    Aldar Properties’ masterplan for Ras Al Khaimah’s Nikki Beach Resort & Spa is a visionary design that skillfully combines luxury, sustainability, and Mina Al Arab’s unique beauty. Moreover, the resort, planned by renowned architectural firm Gensler, is prepared to display genuine, sustainable luxury.

    Careful integration of the resort with its immaculate surroundings requires the integration of local products and natural materials into all aspects of the buildings and interiors. In short, working with local artists will highlight Mina Al Arab’s natural beauty and promote a strong connection with the neighborhood.

    Master plan of Nikki Beach residences

    Location of Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

    The Nikki Beach Resort & Spa is a highly desired location in the Ras Al Khaimah community and lies comfortably within the lovely Mina Al Arab. It provides residents and visitors with an unmatched natural environment, surrounded by the magnificent Khazar Mountains and featuring views of the Gulf. However, this development, which is in the center of Mina Al Arab, has the potential to play a central role in the area’s transformation into a top beachfront destination.

    Close to key locations:

    • InterContinental Mina Al Arab, five minutes
    • Al-Naim Mall in 7 minutes
    • RAK Mall in eleven minutes
    • RAK Hospital in 12 minutes
    • Ras Al Khaimah International Airport in twenty-five minutes
    • Daya Fort, thirty minutes

    Location of Nikki Beach resorts

    What they are offering?

    Nikki Beach Resort & Spa by Aldar Properties is offering high-end luxury 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom apartments. Also, villas are available for sale.

    • One-bedroom apartments available size, 968-Sq.Ft, price start from at AED 2.37 M
    • Two-bedroom apartments available size, 1,355-Sq.Ft, price start from at AED 3.48 M
    • Three-bedroom apartments available size, 2,291-Sq.Ft, price start from at AED 5.50 M
    • Four-bedroom apartments available size, 4,917-Sq.Ft, price start from at on Request
    • In addition, Five-bedroom apartments available size, 6,004-Sq.Ft, price start from at on Request

    Payment Plan of Nikki Beach Resort

    • 10% Down Payment

    Features of Nikki Beach Resort

    Offering a vast array of top-notch amenities, RAK Nikki Beach Resort & Spa redefines luxury. Located in the heart of the resort is the iconic Nikki Spa, a relaxation point where you can heal yourself in the serene beauty of the Arabian Gulf.

    Moreover, Tone Gym offers a splendid ocean view and a cutting-edge fitness center for those who want to be healthy. Moreover, The resort’s unique experiences will take guests on a gastronomic journey with innovative restaurant ideas serving delightful foods in elegant surroundings.

    • Retail Outlets
    • Gym
    • Restaurants
    • Swimming Pool
    • Parking Area
    • CCTV Cameras
    • Shopping Mall
    • Kids Play Area
    • Mosque
    • Sports Facilities
    • BBQ Area
    • Schools
    • Community Views
    • Best Healthcare Facilities
    • Lush Green Parks

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